Mass Save Energy Rebates

This guide has been put together by the Pro’s at Blaisdell Plumbing and Heating to help our North Shore Massachusetts clients navigate the Mass Save rebate program. As you look through this guide please keep in mind that this is not intended to be an inclusive list of all of the programs available nor all of the details of the programs. To verify if you or the installation you are considering or recently had completed qualify you will need to work directly with Mass Save.

Does everyone qualify for Mass Save Rebates: Many homes and businesses in Essex county qualify for some or all Mass Save rebates. To get started you must first determine who your natural gas or electric utility provider is. If you are a National Grid customer of either of those utilities then you will qualify for some of the programs.

National Grid electric customers: You qualify for heat pump rebates and incentives

National Grid gas customers: If you currently heat your home with gas but have municipal electric you also qualify for heat pump rebates.

How to qualify for a Whole Home Heat Pump Rebates and incentives:

When applying for a whole home heat pump installation it is necessary to first complete a home energy assessment through Mass Save. During this process they will inspect the home’s insulation and recommend any necessary insulation or draft sealing. This works to the homeowners benefit for two reasons:

  1. It will reduce the cost to heat and cool the home and lower their carbon footprint
  2. It will allow  the heating / cooling equipment to work efficiently.

75 – 100% of the insulation costs recommended by Mass Save will be covered by the program. For heat pump rebates or financing the installing contractor must be registered through the Heat Pump Installer Network (We are) The energy assessment is not required for the partial home heat pump rebates but can qualify the homeowner for an additional $500 bonus rebate if this step is completed.

How Much are the 2023 Heat pump / Mini split  Rebates:

Whole home: $10,000  ( $16,000 for income qualified)
Partial home: $1,250 per ton ( up to $10,000)

Learn more about Mass Save rebate amounts at
Mass Save Income eligibility chart

Mass Save Heat Loan program

The sponsors of Mass Save understand that upgrading your home with energy efficient heating and cooling equipment can be a significant financial decision for a lot of homeowners. In addition to substantial rebates, Mass Save is offering 0% financing to help make the decision easier. Through this program many homeowners are able to complete their project with little to no cost up front. Some installations that may qualify for this program:
  • Heat pumps / mini splits
  • Hot water boilers
  • Tankless water heaters
  • Heat pump water heaters
  • Energy efficient equipment installations can be financed at 0% up to $50,000 through participating Mass Save Heat loan banks.
Learn more about the Mass Save Loan Program here

Hot water boiler rebates and incentives:

When applying for a high efficiency hot water boiler installation it is necessary to first complete a home energy assessment through Mass Save. During this process they will inspect the home’s insulation and recommend any necessary insulation or draft sealing. 2023 Hot water boiler rebates: Check out the rebates for hot water boilers that Mass Save is offering   Mass Save hot water boiler rebate Income eligibility chart can be viewed here
  • 95% efficient hot water boiler: $2000 ($6,000 income qualified)
  • 95% efficient combination heat and tankless hot water: $1,200 ($7,300 income qualified)
Before applying for rebates or financing, all information on this web page should be verified through a Mass Save representative! For help with the design or installation of a new boiler, ductless AC or ductless heat pump call Blaisdell Plumbing & Heating at 781-631-7755
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