Water Heater Replacement

When it comes to unplanned replacements, the water heater generally tops the list. Sometimes it starts with no hot water and others find a puddle or stream of water coming from the heater’s tank. Regardless of the water heater’s symptom, you can count on the Built to Last Plumbers™ to evaluate the situation and help advise on the best way to handle it. 


Gas water heater replacement -

Gas water heaters are very common on the North Shore. If your gas water heater has failed, we will first check the existing warranty to see if a replacement is covered. If it is out of the original warranty period, we will present options for direct replacements or more efficient, longer-lasting heaters.


Electric water heater replacement -

Electric water heaters are another common type of water heater. Generally, electric water heaters are installed in locations where gas or a chimney is not available. These tanks should also be sized larger than a gas water heater because electric heaters do not heat water at the same recovery rate. When replacing an electric water heater that is not covered under the original warranty, we will present options for replacement with warranties ranging from 6 years – lifetime.


Tankless water heater replacement-

Tankless water heaters are the newest technology on the list. Often these are also called “on-demand” water heaters. The reason these are called “tankless” is because unlike the other types of heaters on this list, they do not keep any hot water in storage. Not storing hot water eliminates inefficiencies due to standby losses. In addition to being very efficient, another benefit of tankless water heaters is the ability to have an endless supply of hot water. Most tankless water heaters qualify for a substantial Mass Save rebate.


Indirect water heater replacement-

Indirect water heaters are tank-style heaters that heat water using energy from a home heating boiler. These tanks have very low standby losses and generally come with a lifetime warranty. Most indirect water heaters qualify for a Mass Save [ES3] rebate when connected to a gas-fired boiler.


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