Fixture Replacement & Installation

Fixture replacement and install - You know, sometimes an all-out remodel just doesn’t make sense. It’s amazing how a simple fixture replacement can make an old bathroom look modern and fresh. If you’re considering new fixtures for any of your bathrooms or your kitchen, our team is your fixture installation solution. 


Faucet replacement - Kitchen faucet and lavatory faucet replacements are routine services. If it’s time for a new kitchen, bathroom, or even a hose faucet, we have you covered.


New toilet installs and replacements - While many choose to have Blaisdell install new fixtures to make a room look better, most choose us to install a new toilet for comfort. I know… what does a toilet and comfort have to do with one another?  Most new toilets are available in “comfort height” and this height in toilets has Americans all over the country choosing comfort height toilets. To explore how a comfort height toilet can improve the comfort of your bathroom, get a hold of us today.


Dishwasher replacement and installation services - Handyman vs. Blaisdell is no contest and unfortunately many dishwasher and appliance installs get left to handymen and home centers. Since you could have a full-on licensed plumber in Lynn, Marblehead, Swampscott, or Salem install your dishwasher for around the same price it would cost you to have a handyman or home center attempt it, give us a call today.