Boiler Replacement

Looking for a built to last boiler system? Well by golly! You’ve found the right company. 


As good as we are at keeping those old school boilers running like a Swiss watch, there comes a day in every boiler's life where it can make more sense to invest in a new steam or a water boiler to heat your home. A built to last boiler expert at Blaisdell can help guide you through the process of custom designing a new boiler heat system for your home:


Design criteria - Homeowners typically replace their heating systems for a variety of reasons. Often times it is for fuel cost savings, reducing emissions, or the need for a more reliable system. When considering the installation of a new boiler, we will schedule an in-home meeting to assess the project. During this meeting our team will evaluate the existing heating system and the heat demands of the home. Next, we will present the best replacement options based on our assessment. Most Massachusetts customers will qualify for thousands of dollars in rebates and 0% financing for new boiler installations.


Oil to gas conversion - At Blaisdell Plumbing & Heating, we specialize in converting your oil-fired boiler to more efficient gas heating systems. Gas combustion creates about 30% less carbon dioxide emissions than oil. We will manage all aspects of the project from the oil tank and boiler removal to installing and wiring your new gas-fired heating system. 

Boiler types 

What is a boiler? A boiler used for home heating purposes is a vessel which transfers heat to water and distributes that heated water (or steam) around the home through radiators to transfer the heat to the air. Boilers are often times mischaracterized as a “furnace”, but a furnace is used for forced hot air heating systems.


Condensing – Condensing boilers are the most efficient option for hot water style heating systems. Often called ModCon (modulating / condensing) or High Efficiency, they incorporate technology that allows for cost and fuel savings over more traditional heating. The way this technology works is an outdoor temperature sensor is installed which communicates with the boiler, allowing the boiler to adjust the energy output based on the current weather. These boilers also qualify for substantial Mass Save rebates and interest-free financing.


Combination heat & hot water boilers – “Combi” boilers are able to heat your home and provide tankless, on-demand hot water all in one package. This option provides considerable space savings in cramped basements and mechanical rooms by eliminating the need for a tank-style water heater.


Cast iron – Cast iron boilers have been the tried and true hot water and steam heating method for over 100 years. The construction of these units is very basic, but bulletproof. The disadvantage to this style of heating is it is not as efficient as a condensing boiler because it cannot modulate the energy output.


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