Heating Services

When your heater fails you during the chilly winters that are so common in Massachusetts, you can rely on Blaisdell Plumbing and Heating to get your furnace repaired quickly. Marblehead and Salem have different types of common heating systems such as hot air furnaces, steam boilers and hot water boiler systems which is why when you are looking for a heating contractor near you, you are in great hands with the heating experts at Blaisdell. Our heating techs are standing by ready to serve your family and are trained to diagnose, troubleshoot, repair and replace all of the most common heating systems in our market. We offer all of the following heating services.

Heating maintenance services

One of the best ways to guarantee your family's comfort this winter is to be sure you treat your heating system to annual maintenance service. Blaisdell offers furnace tune-ups, boiler tune-ups and all other heating system maintenance. During this critical annual service, the pros at Blaisdell will go through your entire heating system and give it the TLC that it needs to ensure it’s operating safely and efficiently. Below are a few of the high level bullet points we go through to make sure your warm air furnace or boiler keeps you safe and comfortable all winter long-

  • Complete safety inspection of the electric, gas/oil and exhaust system
  • Cleaning and recalibration 
  • Inspection of major wear components 
  • Rigorous performance test to ensure all parts of the system are working properly

To book a heating system tune up, call 781-631-7755 or book online today.

Heating repairs

If your heating system breaks down, you're likely going to be looking for emergency heating repairs. If you're local to the Marblehead Massachusetts area you can rely on Blaisdell for fast and reliable heating, furnace, and boiler repairs. Our team of heating techs are familiar with all of the different heating systems in our market and can work on all major makes and models of warm air furnaces and steam and water boilers.

  • Warm air furnace repairs
  • Boiler repairs
  • Oil furnace and boiler repairs
  • Thermostat and control repairs
  • Zoning system repairs
  • Hydronic heating repair
  • Radiator leak repair
  • Piping repair
  • Sheet metal and ductwork repair

Heating system replacement

Over time, the winters can take a toll on your heating system and at some point it may make sense to replace your old furnace with a newer, more efficient and more reliable furnace. The heating system experts at Blaisdell can help you run through a cost benefit analysis to determine if a replacement heating system makes sense for you and your home. If you find yourself considering a replacement furnace, give Blaisdell a call today at 781-631-7755

Warm air furnace replacement-

Some homes in Essex County rely on a forced air furnace to provide heating to their home. Warm air or forced air furnaces are a central source of heat that heats the air as it passes through the furnace and distributes the warmed air throughout the home using duct work. If you need a new warm air or forced air furnace, trust the sheet metal pros at Blaisdell and our elite craftspeople to install you a new warm air furnace.

Boiler replacement-

If your home doesn’t have a warm air furnace, then the chances are good that your home has a hot water boiler that provides heat to your home. The plumbers at Blaisdell are experts in boiler and hydronic heating system replacement. Learn more about our boiler replacement services.

Oil to gas conversions-

In some of the older parts of town, homes use heating oil as the fuel to heat their home. If you have oil heat and are considering converting to natural gas trust the team at Blaisdell to guide you through this process.


What to expect when you choose Blaisdell Plumbing and Heating as your local heating contractor-

When you trust your family's safety and comfort to Blaisdell, by selecting us as your local source for heating services you can be assured you are in capable hands. Below are just a few things you can expect from our Heating services regardless of if you need us for heating system maintenance, heating repairs, or a heating system replacement.

Local heating technicians-

Our techs are local to the Marblehead and Salem area, so when you call Blaisdell you can be assured that not only will your tech be part of the local community, but also that they will be familiar with all of the different heating systems that are common in our market.

Up front heating repair pricing-

Waking up with a broken down heater is enough of a surprise and the last thing you'll want is a surprise heating repair bill. That's why when we respond to a no heat service call, our techs will perform diagnostics of the system and quote all of the heating repairs up front so you know exactly what the repairs will cost. 

To book service on your home's heating system call 781-631-7755 today or book your heating service online.

Through heating system diagnostics-

There are many things that can cause a heating system to break down, which is why it's important that a thorough whole system diagnostics is performed before any major repairs are completed. When you call Blaisdell, you can be assured that we will troubleshoot the system to get as close to the root cause as possible and present all of our findings and recommendations.

Guaranteed repairs-

When you have a repair done to your home's heating system, you deserve to know that the repair was made properly which is why we stand behind all of our repair services with a guarantee. If the repair we made fails in the first year after the repair was made, we will redo the repair free of charge. 

Fast response time-

When it's cold and your furnace is broken down, getting it repaired before more troubles creep up is a priority. When you call Blaisdell for heating service, you can expect a guaranteed appointment and fast response time. If you have a heating system emergency that requires after hours or emergency services, we do have limited emergency heating services.


For local, reliable heating system service, repairs and maintenance, call Blaisdell Plumbing and Heating today at 781-631-7755 or book your heating system service online.