About Blaisdell

....You see, for the last decade or so Essex County, MA has relied on Blaisdell Plumbing and Heating and its team of Built to Last Plumbers™ to service and install built to last plumbing, heating and hydronic boiler systems such as: 

P.S. There is something magical about the old bones of a built to last home in the coastal towns of Ol’ Mass… For now, I’m a young man with an energetic bunch of plumbing and heating artisans who all marvel at and strive to deliver that old world craftmanship that built our towns… we may be younger than the bones of your home and your plumbing system, but we specialize in built to last plumbing and heating systems.


I’m Kyle Blaisdell, and I want to be your “Built to Last” plumber.

Master Lic. #15886

Journeyman Lic. #31913